Decontamination, Remediation & Closure

Contamination by hazardous chemicals presents unique challenges.

Contamination by harmful chemicals and hazardous materials can endanger the public, employees and the environment. Industrial processes can often leave work areas dangerously contaminated. Environmental issues are often identified during commercial real estate transactions. Endangerment can arise from abandoned drums, contaminated surfaces, monitoring wells, old electrical equipment with PCBs and a plethora of other circumstances. For facilities that have been closed, or situations where the company has moved, many issues can arise regarding tanks and process lines, unshipped chemical products, hazardous raw materials in drums, contaminated work areas, unidentified wastes and other actual or potential hazards.


We offer expert decontamination and closure services.

AES provides a comprehensive site analysis, which includes environmental sampling and testing as well as creating a closure plan for either ridding or containing problems identified during the site analysis. If we identify a need for remediation, we can provide services such as soil and groundwater treatment, underground storage tank (UST) removal, facility decontamination and hazardous contaminant disposal. These are conducted in a timely and cost-effective manner and with strict adherence to applicable state and federal regulations. We are proficient in building & equipment decontamination, crime scene cleanup, soil remediation, mold and Hanta Virus remediation and lead abatement.


We provide remedial action to mitigate hazards and assure compliance.

Our company has provided remedial services for numerous private and public-sector sites involving: landfills, ponds, abandoned containers, contaminated soil, leaking UST’s, spills at manufacturing facilities or from above ground storage tanks and contaminated surface water or groundwater. Our technicians understand the advantages and limitations of specific remedial technologies, with a keen eye to controlling costs. Their experience includes handling all types of contaminants including: metals, hydrocarbons, organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, PCBs, acids, caustics, lead based paint, asbestos, dissolved solids and many others.