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Advanced Environmental Solutions, Inc.

AES is a New Mexico-based environmental, industrial, and construction services company. The comprehensive and extensive (over 40 years combined) experience of the AES staff promote and strengthen our customer commitment to safety, quality, compliance, documentation, and economy. Our unique abilities allow us to offer on-time/on-budget delivery and first-rate results on every job.

AES is a licensed contractor providing services to both the government and the private sectors. AES maintains all insurance and bonding requirements generally needed for most contracts. From chemists to heavy equipment operators, the AES staff experience and background allow us to perform job activities from start to finish with minimal subcontractor involvement. This is one cost-effective way AES can save our clients valuable dollars.

Environmental Services

· 24-hour emergency spill response: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, AES can respond to a variety of hazardous and nonhazardous spills. All work is performed in a safe and efficient manner to minimize our client's liability.

· Waste management: AES provides hazardous, nonhazardous, and special wastes management. From waste characterization and lab packing to disposal and transportation, AES provides a quality and comprehensive documentation package. In addition all TSDF's and transporters must go through an extensive audit procedure prior to being selected to AES' Preferred Vendor list.

· Decontamination/remediation/ closures: Decontamination of buildings or equipment, remediation of contaminated soils, and facility closures are accomplished within regulatory guidelines and our client's established scope of work. · Recycling services: AES offers a wide range of recycling services including used oil, batteries, fluorescent bulbs/lamps, metal, paper, and mercury.

· Sampling and analysis: AES technicians have extensive experience in sampling alltypes of wastestreams. AES can perform a broad range of field tests, including hazardous characterizations(HazCats), to determine the characteristics of unknown wastes. AES uses only audited and established analytical laboratoriesthat can provide a thorough QA/QC package.

Environmental Professional Services

Environmental Site Assessments

AES performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)in accordance with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM E 1527-05). The purpose of an ESA is to identify, to the extent feasible, Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) in respect to a particular property. In accordance with the referenced ASTM Standard, an assessment is limited to information, which can be obtained through appropriate inquiry into reasonably ascertainable standard records of environmental, historical, and physical settings, interviews, and site reconnaissance. By definition, no invasive investigative techniques are used nor are any samples collected.

AES performs Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with ASTM standard E-1903-97 Standard Guide for Environmental Site Assessments:Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process. The kinds of information gathered in a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment depend largely on the specific site. Tests can include soil sampling, groundwater and surface water testing, air quality assessment, asbestos testing and waste materials/storage tank investigation. Any potential hazard noted in the Phase I ESA should be further investigated and evaluated in the Phase II ESA. Appropriate site testing is performed in a series of iterations as necessary and the results are analyzed by the AES environmental consultant. These rounds of testing and analysis continue until the user is satisfied with the degree of certainty in the consultant's conclusions and can use the results to make a decision. The Phase II ESA includes results of site testing; these data are included in the Sample and Analysis Review and Field Sampling and Analytical Results Review sections. In the Phase II Report Review section, the environmental consultant performing the ESA concludes one of two possible findings: there is no reasonable risk of contaminants being present at the site, or the ESA findings have confirmed the presence of hazardous materials. If the site is contaminated and remediation is necessary, the environmental professional can provide suggestions and recommendations specific to that site.

A Phase III Environmental Site Assessment may consist of site clean-up or predemolition activities such as removal of asbestos, PCB materials or other wastes, above ground or underground storage tank removals, or management of soil and groundwater contaminated by petrochemicals, salt, leachate, radioactive wastes, metals, solvents or other pollutants. Typically, a management plan is developed from Phase II data and the required approvals, such as identification of places of disposal, permitting are sought in the course of contract administration. On completion of work, a verification program is often required to ensure site conditions meet remediation requirements.

NEPA Environmental Assessments

AES prepares National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents for federal actions. The NEPA process consists of an evaluation of the environmental effects of a federal undertaking including its alternatives. There are three levels of analysis depending on whether or not an undertaking could significantly affect the environment. These three levels include: categorical exclusion determination;preparation of an environmental assessment/finding of no significant impact (EA/FONSI); and preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS). If the EA determines that the environmental consequences of a proposed federal undertaking may be significant, an EIS is prepared. An EIS is a more detailed evaluation of the proposed action and alternatives. The public, other federal agencies and outside parties may provide input into the preparation of an EIS and then comment on the draft EIS when it is completed.

Facility & Compliance Audits

An environmental audit is an objective assessment of the compliance of a corporation or government facility with applicable environmental laws and regulations. It is based on a review of pertinent records and technical data. The audit is generally undertaken for one of the following purposes: " Assuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. " Reducing environmental risks and liabilities. " Cost saving or increasing the efficiency of corporate operations. " Identifying environmental liabilities prior to purchase or sale of property.

Pollution Prevention Planning

Pollution is the contamination of air, soil, or water by the discharge of harmful substances. According to the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990, pollution prevention (P2) is defined as: "source reduction and other practices that reduce or eliminate the creation of pollutants through increased efficiency in the use of raw materials, energy, water, or other resources, or protecting resources through conservation". AES can assist our clients in Pollution Prevention activities by identifying source reduction opportunities. By implementing a Pollution Prevention plan, our clients operate more efficiently thus reducing the use and production of hazardous substances.

Personnel & Area Monitoring

OHSA requires employers to insure that their employees are not exposed to harmful levels of hazardous substances. AES can provide personnel and area monitoring to satisfy this regulatory requirement. Additionally, AES can provide solutions, such as engineering controls and Personal Protective Equipment protection, to mitigate the identified hazards.

EPA and OSHA Required Plans and Permits

AES can provide the following range of services: " National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting " Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans " Spill Prevention (SPCC) Plans " Community Right-to-Know Notifications " Emergency Planning and Notification " Hazard Communication Plans " Respitory Protection Plans " Personal Protective Equipment Plans " Contingency Plans " NEPA Environmental Assessments.

Industrial services

· Tank Management: As a GS-29 license holder, AES can remove and demolish USTs/ASTs as well as provide soil and groundwater remediation if contamination is encountered. Also, AES can provide tank-cleaning services such as permit required confined space entry, sand-blasting, and specialty coatings.

· Oil/water separator management: AES can provide OWS installations as well as routine maintenance. AES samples and analyzes oil, water, and sludge phases, determines regulatory status, and provides for the compliant removal and disposal of separator contents.


Construction services

· AES is an experienced and qualified construction company. As a GB-98 contractor, AES can provide residential or commercial construction, facility maintenance, and demolition. Client cost savings can be realized because our unique combination of environmental and construction experience allows us to offer you turnkey (abatement, demolition, design, management, and construction) contracting.


Retail sales/rentals

· To compliment our full line of services, AES sells and rents environmental and safety equipment and materials. AES also sells UN-approved drums, DOT packing supplies, and personal protective equipment.


· AES technicians can operate heavy equipment and hold commercial drivers licenses with HazMat endorsements. All AES technicians are certified to wear respirators, supplied air, SCBA, and other required personal protective equipment. All AES technicians attend OSHA required courses, including Confined Space, Hazardous Waste Operator, and CPR/First Aid training.

· Additionally,the AES staff is under current Medical Surveillance, which includes DOT physicals and drug screens.


· EPA ID#: NMR000006502
· NM License #83422 (GB98,GF09, GS08, GS29, MM02, MS03)
· NM HazMat Transportation Permit 13285
· NM Solid Waste Haulers Permit
· NM Oil Marketers Notification
· DOT HazMat Registration
· PCB Activity Notification
· Solid Waste Transfer Facility Authorization
· Confined-Space Capabilities
· 40-Hour Hazardous Materials Trained
· Quantitative Respirator Fit Tested
· NM Contractor Preference
· Authorized by NMED to Manage Conditionally Exempt Hazardous Waste (CESQG)
· Certified Small Disadvantaged Business


· AES carries a comprehensive insurance and bonding package that includes commercial general liability with professional and pollution liability.

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